Saturday, September 14, 2013


By Belinda Farrell, Author of “Find Your Friggin’ Joy”
Just mention “swimming in the ocean” and people want to jump out of their skin, relate an almost drowning story , or tell you it’s all about “not being able to see the bottom”.  Whatever it is, I can tell you that “it’s just an illusion you can overcome.” 
All my life I was afraid of water: not just ocean water but any container that held a big body of water: lakes, bays, swimming pools, water slide parks, etc.  If there was water, you can bet I’d be gone in 60 seconds in the opposite direction.  Then came advanced training in Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Huna (ancient Hawaiian healing) held on the Big Island of Hawaii — surrounded by water.   Safe in the classroom, I wouldn’t give the beautiful “water views” a second thought.
After experiencing a Higher Self Connection during a HA breathing exercise, I began to see and feel dolphins and whales entering my body.  As strange as that seems, it was uniquely pleasurable even though I was not much of a fan of either species.   Dolphins began to invade my dreamtime, teaching me how to swim.  In my dreams, I began to swim as effortlessly as a dolphin.  Upon awakening, I became obsessed to be with the dolphins.  Finally, I found a friend who would guide me into the ocean water to find them.   That was 20 years ago.  I’ve been swimming with dolphins (and whales) and guiding clients through the warm aqua blue waters to meet them for the past 16 years.
Just look at this picture and see the joyful expression on my client’s face!  She has conquered her fear of being in the ocean and expressing the absolute freedom it brings.  The illusion of the fear (false evidence appearing real) has melted away opening the door for new creative possibilities. 
Being in the frequencies of wild spinner dolphins opens your heart to unconditional love and multidimensional worlds.  Maybe it’s time for YOU to walk through that door.  Look for my August 2014 Hawaii schedule under Spiritual Journey at

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