Monday, June 24, 2013

Today I interviewed Terra Farrar on The Life Enlightenment Book Shelf Radio Show.

For those who are ready to get started in leveraging their content but may not know where to start, consider getting testimonials, even if who you have served thus far are family members, friends, or co-workers. Rather than ask them to write one for you …. INTERVIEW and RECORD them.

Here are 3 reasons why interviewing and recording testimonials is so important:

1. It is much easier on the person being interviewed to be asked questions then it is to write their thoughts down. In 10 minutes or less you will have a powerful testimonial and it saves them a lot of time and frustration trying to write you the "perfect" testimonial. After all, they really do want to support you with your business.

2. Your interview allows them to be real and authentic and by capturing this in your recording it ends up speaking volumes that the written words do not effectively capture.

3.  Applying the steps in my Free Report, DeMystifying Testimonials, you will take them … and your listeners… on a roller coaster ride from “this is where I am today” to “this is what it was like for me prior to working with you” and then back to “this is how you made a difference in their life”.  (Free Report Available at:

Now, let’s apply leveraging to your recorded testimonial:

1. What are we going to do with the recording? Transcribe it.

2. You will also want to either edit the MP3 file yourself or have it edited, which is a service my company provides. It is best to remove all the awkward pauses, clearing of the throat, etc. and add some music on the front and back end to add polish and some bling.

3.  Use the testimonial as both written content on the website along with an audio player so people can listen to it…. And experience the authenticity of the speaker themselves and be taken on that roller coaster ride I mentioned a moment ago.

I have examples of this on my own site, where you can read and hear my clients Kevin, Judy and Randy speak about their experience in working with me.

4.  Your testimonial can also be used in the PDF of whatever you are creating along with a link to play the audio.

5.  Now, here is the hidden gift inside the testimonial - in your clients own words, you hear what was their pain / problem that you became the solution for and here in lies the key as to what to focus on for your first product / teleclass / free report / live-event / or your own presentation.

Terra conducts interviews and will support you in leveraging your content to the fullest. Contact her at for a complimentary 15 minute strategy call.