Sunday, January 27, 2013

Belinda Farrell has been a client of mine for almost 12 years.  Her first book, Find Your Friggin' Joy, was published last month.  What a blessing to have her offer chapter 2 of her book for this blog.  Enjoy the chapter!  For more information about Belinda:  Her book is availabile on her website, through Balboa Press,, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores everywhere.

Chapter 2 – Sissies Turn Back
I must be blunt. This book is not for “sissies.” Now that may sound
judgmental or harsh, but it is said to challenge you at the core level to
face what one must face in order to be free. I speak as someone who had
to face some of the most painful and debilitating experiences a person
must go through: losing a son, losing a fortune, and being completely
bed-ridden, unable to walk – a clinical case considered incurable. In order
to truly heal my physical disabilities as well as my emotional trauma, I
had to take a hard, deep look within myself and see where I had to clear
up all negative ties and reform any negative self-perceptions. I had to do
some intense research and deep soul searching. Such an inner exploration
can be considered scary. A sissy would run away from something scary.
This book is not for sissies.
   Are you up for the challenge? Can you face any shadows within
you in order to be free to find the joy that resides right there where you
   If you are unwilling to see what’s clogging the depths of your soul,
you will have to look elsewhere. This book won’t be for you. But if
you’re sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over and falling in
the same hole then I invite you to take a peek at what follows – in these
chapters and within the self. I promise, as you do the inner work, and use
the tools described within these chapters, you will not only clear what
holds you back in life, but also find that friggin’ joy that’s been locked
away for so long!
   On my path of healing, the first thing I had to accept – as the
principles of the great Huna teachings require – is complete responsibility
for all areas of my life. As the strict teachings suggest, I was called to be
responsible for everything that happened to me in my life. Everything. I
was taught to be the CAUSE rather than the EFFECT, for if I were the
cause for creating the events of my life – even unconsciously created –
then I also could be responsible for un-creating it.
   For example, if I was angry while driving my car and someone else
cut me off with the same angry disposition, I would see how I drew that
person to me because of my anger. Like a magnet, I would draw angry
people towards me if I stayed angry. As I studied my own life, I started
to see more examples of this in my everyday world. Becoming conscious
of this phenomenon was the first step in changing my behavior. For me
personally, fear was my biggest magnet. Whatever frightened me would
end up right in front of me, especially around the topic of money.
   So how did I remove the fear in my life? For one, I faced it. This is
the biggest step in dealing with our invisible barriers. After this, I used the
techniques outlined in this book to learn how to move right through the
illusions that I had built up. This book will describe in detail the steps to
move through fear and any other barrier between you and your joy.
   Many of us anticipated 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar and
what some prophets claim to be a more heart-centered reality, in a
“New World.” In this light, there is a great opportunity to clean out our
inner closet from the debris of the past and remove those ancient, stuck,
ego-based patterns that no longer serve us or the planet. Without fear,
there is only LOVE. Moving forward unafraid, unleashes the power of
love. I look forward to the day where we can feel SO PRESENT and
AUTHENTIC that we’re simply filled with creative ideas and possess the
WILL and ENERGY to carry them out.
   I don’t claim to know all the answers here, but I do feel an obligation
to share my journey and the lessons that transformed me from being a
scared, fearful child without a voice to the joyful, confident and grateful
woman that I am today. We all need to practice “struggling” until we
learn the lessons. Even a caterpillar has to struggle in the cocoon to build
up the strength in its wings. And when it’s ready, the caterpillar cannot
help but leave the “old house” behind and burst into a beautiful butterfly.
I celebrate all of you, as a caterpillar making its way into a butterfly, on
your own journey to fulfilling a promise of power and beauty.