Monday, July 22, 2013

My client Clara Chorley wrote a wonderful book called T.U.R.N:  4 Steps to Clarity in Your Life and Career.  Clara invented the T.U.R.N. method.  It is genius.  I suggest investing in the book to learn what T.U.R.N stands for but what I will tell you is that when I read the book it really opened my eyes... especially the "U" which stands for unwind.  I read that chapter twice... I had a lot to learn and practice there (still do, but doing better). 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

From the outside all looked fine, but no one really knew what was going on inside. For years I walked away from jobs and people and even places. Never living anywhere for long, I racked up travel adventures in search of two things: a) a sense of self, who the heck I was, and b) work that would finally feel like it belonged to me. As time passed, running away stopped working. Managing the emotional disruption and pain by frequenting the pub and leaning on food was not going well. But it wasn’t until life finally became completely unmanageable that my inner journey began.  

And it didn’t begin alone. Over all these years probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that none of us can get to where we want to go alone. We can’t see our nose without a mirror. It can be difficult to see our ears even with a mirror. Our backs are out of the question. It’s the same with our inner world. There are parts of us we love, parts we hide away in the hope that they’re never discovered, and parts that we simply cannot see without the help of another.  

We experience a lack of clarity when we are hiding from parts of ourselves, brushing things that embarrass or scare us under carpets of pretending, avoiding, minimizing or defending. The result?  A lack of clarity about what we want, what we’re good at, who we really are, and what steps we should take.
To invest in Clara's book (which includes a bonus offer!!):