Monday, February 18, 2013

My fiance, James Anthony Ellis, is an amazingly talented writer.  He published two new books last year, Breadcrumbs:  Poems and Prose Designed to Lead You Home and The Honor Book:  Reclaiming the Honorable Life for Your Power Success and Freedom.  I am going to include an excerpt from each book here.  This first one is from Breadcrumbs

The Saga of a Dream
This one almost got away. It’s a good one, and it doesn’t even rhyme. It captures the torture and glory of the search for love. Thanks Jennifer for making sure this one made it in the book.
Mesmerized by my own indifference
I’m the captain of this broken vessel
Blistered by the rumbling, tumbling waves
I search for calm on the storm-drenched pier
And I look for you
For you … for you…
Past this pier’s falling railings, through footing unsure and slippery, I still search
For you
Beyond the markers, out of sight, stolen by a wicked sea
You flail and wail
Lost in the tornadoes of shoes and sharks and bloody, broken hearts
Our hearts a lie, our lies a path, our path a prison, our prison a safety
Our safety a death
As we await demolition, like burned out cars atop the rusty heap
Dreams once dreamed are torn and tattered like flags left too long in the wind
Numb and dumb
We speak no more, and dreams dissolve into the salty sea – a messy mix of withered words gone unheard, warning signals passed on by, hopeful voices drowned by our deaf carelessness
Alone again, I’m seduced by the lullaby sleep, hypnotized by the vacuous stares, betrayed by my own lack of faith…
… And yet
Slumbering beneath my own disbelief
Dreams still hover
In color
Vibrant, alive, fresh and fragrant, with the sparkle of backyard pool parties
In color
Blues and greens and stripes and streams
Of yellow-hue ribbons, with perfectly sewn seams
The hopes hold on, like the grasp of a child’s hand as we cross the big street
The dreams – they remain, they sustain, and they go unnamed
Untouched by the clutch of storms, fear and fate
Though tornado winds may blow and blister
Though surface waves may crash and burn
And darkness drown the pure and new
The dreams – they sing, they call, they yearn
For me
For you

And from The Honor Book (one of the few books out there written for men only!):

It’s at this time, we say our greetings to the gods, and bow to our own brothers as ourselves. Not in some fanciful new age curtsy, but a true acknowledgement of the power and actions that arise in a collective aligned with a higher purpose. It’s at this time we greet our sacred honor on the highest shelf it can be placed – with the awareness that our best is needed not just for our own sake but also for the needs of a community and humanity pulling for our return. It’s at this time we can make our amends and pay our consequences, without a debilitating shame or guilt, but with a high-minded nod to our true identity of honor, in faithful actions as natural and balanced as the in- and out-breath.

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